Don Bentayga

Don Bentayga is an up and coming rap artist looking to fill that void in rap that has been over looked in the industry now days. Don Bentayga was born and raised on Detroit’s Eastside where he had to struggle with his single mother for a decent living which led him to hustling to get the things he wanted for him and his family. Don Bentayga started rapping at the age of 14 freestyling with his cousins in his neighborhood.  After building his fan base in Detroit he started to travel the Midwest doing as many shows as he could. The rapper realized that working and creating your own budget isn’t easy, so he took a few years off until he started receiving calls and emails from label A&R’s looking to connect with the MC. 

Don Bentayga is currently working on his second project that is due to be released very soon which will have the streets buzzing, he also plans to release some videos followed by a social media "Biggest fan trip giveaway". They say good music speaks for itself so when you hear this artist you will definitely know what he is all about. When you take one listen to what this artist brings to the table you will be posting and sharing with all of your friends!!! So with that being said, let’s take a ride with Don Bentayga through the struggles of the streets all the way to the fabulous life that comes after the hard work pays off!!  This artist tells real life stories which inspire people through music. It’s not all about the bling; this artist actually speaks for the people who are going through hard times. Don Bentayga has what it takes to reign at the top of the charts!! Let’s help him get there! 

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